Introducing GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti Gaming and Studio Laptops, and 4th Gen Max-Q Technologies

By NVIDIA on January 04, 2022Original article here GeForce RTX laptops are the very best for creating and gaming, accelerating performance and improving image quality in games and apps with NVIDIA DLSS, RT Cores, and other technologies. Gamers and creators have made GeForce high performance laptops the fastest-growing category in PCs. In the last year alone, […]

Introducing new Surface products, built for Windows 11

By Pete Kyriacou, VP, Microsoft Devices Windows has always been a platform for the world’s innovation – a place for anyone to create, connect, learn and achieve. As Windows reshaped computing experiences, new hardware products have helped more and more people interact with them. From the first mouse that unlocked point and click productivity to […]

iPhone 12 deals highlight a renewed battle

between wireless carriers Aggressive offers and a radical shift in 5G leadership could lead to more options for consumers. Eli Blumenthal Oct. 17, 2020 This week’s arrival of the iPhone 12, which features 5G as its marquee addition, brought to the forefront the US carriers that have been rapidly building out these next-generation wireless networks. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg […]

Average Australian coffee consumption drops, but cafe visits continue to grow, research

POSTED BY AFN STAFF WRITERS ON 12TH MARCH 2014 Australians are drinking less coffee overall, but more at cafes In the last decade, coffee consumption by Australian adults has declined slowly but steadily, from 10.5 cups to 9.2 cups per week, but cafe visitation and ownership of coffee-making machines is on the rise, according to findings from […]

Should I buy a De’Longhi coffee machine?

By Emily Peck November 25, 2019 Find out if De’Longhi’s coffee machines are worth waking up to Coffee is such a personal taste that investing in a machine that suits you and everyone in the household can be a commitment. With a large selection of coffee machines available online, knowing what type of machine to choose – […]

DeLonghi Enhances Coffee Experience With Fall Lineup

DeLonghi America is introducing new coffee and espresso offerings to its fall product lineup with brewers that aim to elevate the at-home coffee experience. “We’ve seen overwhelming growth in the popularity of creating espresso-based drinks at home and a demand for machines that not only lead in innovation and design but are created with the […]